Frequently Asked Questions

What Size is the Bedding?

The sheets sizes are as follows:

Cal King:       Flat Sheet: 110”x113”, Fitted Sheet: 72”x84”, 2 Pillowcases: 21”x40”
Split King: 1 Flat sheet: 116”x109”, 2 Fitted Sheet: 39”x80”, 2 Pillowcases: 21”x40
King:              Flat Sheet: 116”x109”, Fitted Sheet: 78”x80”, 2 Pillowcases: 21”x40”
Queen:          Flat Sheet: 97”x109”, Fitted Sheet: 60”x80”, 2 Pillowcases: 21”x34”
Full:                Flat Sheet: 87”x103”, Fitted Sheet: 54”x75”, 2 Pillowcases: 20”x30”
Twin XL:      Flat Sheet-71”x106”, Fitted: Sheet: 39”x80”, 1 Pillowcase: 20”x30”
Twin:              Flat Sheet-72”x97”, Fitted Sheet: 39”x75”, 1 Pillowcase: 20”x30”

How deep is the pocket on the fitted sheets?

The sheets have corners and sides that are 18” deep.

How do you launder bamboo sheets?

The best way to launder bamboo sheets is to wash them in cold water and dry them on low heat.

How much do these sheets wrinkle?

You might get a soft wrinkle after sleeping on them. But, you won’t get the hard creases that you get with cotton sheets.

How Long Does It Take To Receive My Order?

Delivery to the United States takes either 7 days or 3 business days depending on which option you choose.

Are You Shipping Internationally?

Yes, we ship to all countries.

How Do I Track My Order?

You can track your order here by entering your order number and billing email address. Or you can login to your account where you will see all of the orders you have placed.

What Is Your Return Policy?

We typically do offer refunds. We generally evaluate the condition of the lenses when they are returned and base the refund off of that. Lenses that come back in pristine, unused shape are usually given a 100% refund, lenses that come back with signs of use and wear are usually given a 50% refund..

first purchase of a bamboo product and it’s unbelievably wonderful!!

By Graham Zulauf on November 5, 2014

This was my first purchase of a bamboo product and it’s unbelievably wonderful! So happy with the texture and comfort! Fast and easy purchase, too.

The best dish cloth ever! 

By M B on April 29, 2015

These cloths are fantastic. Nice looking as well as practical. Very absorbent and rinse out very cleanly so they stay looking fresh for a while even when well used. The dimensions sounded small but they are a typical size — and a good size for most applications. I won’t be going back to terry cloth any time soon.

Best dish cloths ever

By Mamachills on February 16, 2015

these are excellent dishcloths. they are a good size for doing dishes, clean well and do not get smelly. 100% bamboo — best dishcloth i’ve ever had.i am so glad to have found these online. i highly recommend them as dishcloths, can probably be used for many other cleaning tasks.

Effective for cleaning

By SCer on November 22, 2014

These dish cloths don’t look impressive, but they are both substantial enough and effective for cleaning when wet and also small enough to fit easily in cups and glasses.

Great dish cloth

By MarLu on December 24, 2014

These are absorbant and so much better than other dish clothes being at stores. Also love that they don’t get musty smelling. I highly recommend them!

I love them

on February 2, 2015

so comfy and warm. It’s especially so useful for hardwood floor.